What is Flag Football?

Flag football is a non-contact sport that plays similar to football. Instead of tackling your opponent you pull a flag which signals them as out. The objective is to get the ball across the opposite team’s goal line to score points. There is a strong emphasis on team play and participation.

About BYFF

The Brantford Youth Flag Football Association is a not for profit organization which currently allows both boys and girls from the ages 5 to 17 the opportunity to learn team work and fair play by participating in the exciting game of Flag Football.

The first season of the BYFF was in 1981, using both the Lions Park and North Park fields for the season, but in 1992 moved exclusively to the North Park fields where BYFF spent $50,000 to improve the lighting and irrigation systems of the park.

In the 2005 season, BYFF moved play to the fields behind Assumption College on Shellard Lane. In 2006 additional lighting was added at the field to improve this facility for our continued use.

Recently all play has moved to the Kiwanis Field turf behind Pauline Johnson Collegiate.

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