What is Flag Football?

Flag football is a non-contact sport that plays similar to traditional football and promotes skills development, fitness training and critical thinking. Instead of tackling your opponent, you pull a flag which signals them as out. The objective is to pass or carry the ball across the opposite team’s goal line or to kick it between their upright goal posts to score points. There is a strong emphasis on team play and participation.

About BYFF

The Brantford Youth Flag Football Association is a not for profit organization which allows boys and girls from ages 5 to 17 the opportunity to learn flag football in an environment where teamwork, fair play and FUN are emphasized.

The first season of BYFF was in 1981, using both the Lions Park and North Park fields for the season; in 1992 moved exclusively to the North Park fields where BYFF spent $50,000 to improve the lighting and irrigation systems of the park.

In the 2005 season, BYFF moved play to the fields behind Assumption College on Shellard Lane. In 2006 additional lighting was added at the field to improve this facility for our continued use.

Recently all play has moved to the Kiwanis Field turf behind Pauline Johnson Collegiate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will my child(ren) be playing?
Each team one or two field times per week including scheduled games and practices.  BYFF attempts to schedule a minimum of two (2) exhibition games per team, at least eight (8) regular season games plus playoffs.  The number of games may vary depending on the number of teams in each division (age group).

 When will my child(ren) be playing?
All games may be played Monday through Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. The League Scheduler makes every attempt to schedule each team to play once during the week and once on Saturday mornings. As with any schedule, to avoid conflicts, and evenly distribute playing time, this may not be consistent every week.

When is the BYFF Season?
BYFF is currently offering two separate seasons Spring (May to June) and Fall (September to November)

What equipment will my child(ren) require to practice and play?
Cleated footwear, such as non-metal football or soccer cleats are recommended but any closed toe athletic footwear will do.  Shorts  are supplied with uniforms but players may wear pants without pockets or belt loops.  Jerseys are also provided but players may wear long-sleeved shirts underneath – hooded shirts are not recommended but can be worn if the hood is tucked into the jersey.

What equipment/clothing is not allowed for practice or play?
Here are some that are most often noticed:
Shorts or pants with pockets or belt loops;
Pants or shorts with that are the same color, or have stripes that are the same colour, as flags.
Non-prescription eyewear;
Non-secured prescription eyewear;
Jewelry (including any body piercing; covered or not);
Headgear, exception is headwear worn for religious reasons (may be subject to inspection).

These rules are enforced for the safety of ALL players. Your child(ren) will be asked to leave the field until the equipment / clothing is corrected.  A complete list is available in our by-laws.

Where will my child(ren) be playing?
All games and practices scheduled by BYFF are held at Kiwanis Field behind Pauline Johnson Collegiate (2019). Any additional practices scheduled by the coach will typically be chosen by the coach.

Who will be coaching my child(ren)?
All coaches and coaching assistants are parents/guardians who volunteer additional time and energy toward making BYFF a success.
Each volunteer assisting BYFF is required to undergo a mandatory police check.

How do I complete a ‘Mandatory Police Check’?
The required forms for the police check can be completed at the Brantford Police station (a fee applies).
Proof of passing the police check is required prior to commencing the pre-season.
BYFF will reimburse all standard fees paid to the police station of active volunteers at the annual awards banquet.

Who will my child(ren) be playing with?
Your child(ren) will be playing with children in a similar age group as the teams she or he will play against.
Teams will be set by BYFF – Requested paring may be considered by the BYFF executive but will not be guaranteed in any way.

How much does it cost?
Registration costs vary from season to season and  across age groups based on the number of field times and number of referees required.  ALL league fees are included in the registration fee – BYFF has no hidden player costs and is a non-profit organisation that will make every attempt to keep costs low.

If you have further questions, please email us at: contactus@byff.ca